NMI Australia

The Ngak Mang Institute of Australia is about bringing the rich cultural heritage of the Ngak Mang tradition to Australia.

Under the guidance of Dr Nida Chenagtsang, NMI Australia resources funding for various projects to support children and students in the Himalayan regions including Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal and India. Through these projects, we offer Australians the unique opportunity to participate in the development of health, education and housing for those needing support.

Ngak Mang Institutes (NMI) exist throughout the world in order to preserve and maintain the Ngakpa culture in modern society. NMI was developed as a worldwide non-profit organisation in 2000.

There are several associated branches throughout the world, all collaborating to bring the knowledge and support of the Ngakpa Tradition of Tibet to the forefront. Ngak Mang Institute of Australia (NMIA) was formed with the intention of supporting all NMI projects.

It is a charitable non-profit organisation, founded in October 2004.